Skip diving

When I took the dog out for a walk this morning I had a look in Sonitech‘s skip and fished out enough eight core cable to keep me in layout wire for ages! As a result of this today has been quite productive on Princes Road and the tangle of temporary wiring has been tidied up and re-routed under the baseboards.


The electrical connections between the boards are still surface mounted though so that I can get at them more easily. These connections are covered by some of the buildings to keep little fingers away and also to hide the wiring from view.


There’s not much chance of me becoming a proper electrician, as the mess below the baseboards will testify.


The non-railway buildings have replaced the sidings that ran behind the branch terminus. These sidings were to have been a purely scenic feature anyway so the layout hasn’t lost any of its operational tracks.


The ‘modern’ loco shed that was to have been over the sidings has now been utilised as a bus depot adjoining the branch terminus.



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